Patent pending
(Aktenzeichen: DE 102013114 125.0)

This specially constructed "active" non-return valve shuts off after dosing without further movement of the screw.
The shut-off process takes place immediately after dosing by means of a lead bolt, a pressure spring and a tightening pin.
The input housing serves to ensure precise processing within the cylinder. The threaded bolt fixes the "active" non-return valve in the screw conveyor.
Standard systems are only closed by the injection process and the resultant injection pressure.


  • Materials with low viscosity e.g. PA
  • With fluctuations of mass cushion
  • Low injection speeds
  • When processes fluctuate

Temporarily only delivered from a screw diameter of 45 mm because of the smaller mechanics of the component and lack of stability.
Supplied exclusively in highly durable, powder metallurgical quality.

Sealing cone
Lead bolt with pressure spring
Input housing
Threaded bolt