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  • 2. GSM mixing nozzle
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  • The GSM mixing nozzle is used for processing thermoplasts in injection moulding processes. The design principle of the GSM mixer is unique. Each element divides the diameter into two channels, which come together at half of the diameter and then expand again.
  • 3. Active non-return valves
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  • This specially constructed "active" non-return valve shuts off after dosing without further movement of the screw.
  • 4. HVOF refinement for screw conveyors
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  • The HVOF method is a process for refinement of screw conveyors. The screw conveyors made of tool steel are roughened to start. A gas mix is now ignited with a special gun, which causes the metallic powder particles to melt, and they are shot onto the screw conveyor at a speed of 750m/s.
  • Keywords: HVOF-refinement conveyors, HVOF, refinement
  • 5. Spring activated needle type shut-off nozzle
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  • The needle type shut-off nozzle (NVD) is used to process thermoplastics and liquid media. The choice of nozzle size depends on the flow of injection volume (cm3/s). The NVD (shut-off nozzle) is responsible for the clean separation of the molten mass and reliable shut-off during dosing and is the prerequisite for fault free, economic production.
  • Keywords: nozzles, specialised nozzles, pneumatic